Friendly ratings

Q. What are friendly ratings?

A. Friendly rating is a system that I use when I have finished a book and need to decide what to do with it.

Q. Why did you come up with it?

A. I live in the U.K and our storage space is a bit lacking! So there came a time that I had to sort through all my lovely books and really think about which ones I could live without and which ones were truly a part of my life for good.

Q. How did you decide on the system?

A. I figured it out easy enough, all the books were put in front of me and I just had a little think about all of them. If I failed to remember the book in significant enough detail, then I was happy enough to let it go.

Q. Where do the books go?

A. Any book that I don’t keep is either given to a friend to read ( if they show interest) or donated to our local charity shops.

Q. Who are the friends?

A. So we have five main friends

  1. ROO (Read Only Once)-These are the books that have been read, but I don’t see myself reading again, also they tend to be low on my recommendations (1-2 scale).
  2. NOLAN (NO Longer A Need)- The books you wanted to read because they looked good or sounded good, but they fell flat (3-4  scale)
  3. FERGUS (Fairly Enjoyable read Gives Us Something)- The books that you read that stick in your mind for a time, there is something there but maybe just missed being great (5-6 Scale).
  4. ABBEY (A Beautiful Book Enjoy Yourself)- Abbey is the type of book you can take anywhere and be able to get lost in, no matter where you are (7-8 scale)
  5. LIAM (Loved It And More)- These are the books you get lost in and can’t seem to put down! They are the ones that you say “just one more chapter” 10 chapters later (9-10 scale)

We also have a few wild cards that pop up every now and then:

  1. EVA (Emotional Volatility Ahead)- From the ones that you laugh out loud too, or  cry your eyes out to or get so angry at the characters that you could smack them upside the head! These are the emotional rollercoaster books.
  2. LEE (Loved Every Edition)- For the series that is a complete hit no matter how many books
  3. ROB (Reliable Old Buddy)- Everyone has their fall back favourites; It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the twentieth time you’ve read it you will love it forever!