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This book was such a moving story and told in a truly unique style. A must read for everyone.

I’ve been hearing and seeing this book all around so I finally decided to read it. Normally I take a little while to read the popular books-let the hype settle and then read it with open eyes. But this book definitely lives up to the hype! I only read the back blurb about this book so I actually didn’t realize that it was dealing with gay/transgender themes so that was a very pleasant surprise. Not many books have tackled this area yet-or they are just starting so it was great to read about it.

The story takes place in a small town where football means everything and if you don’t agree then you’re the outsider. We get to know two boys, one is Eric and the other is Morgan. They were born on the same day and grow up as best friends and always spend their birthdays together. The book picks up on their 13th birthday when everything is starting to change and morph. As we go along we soon discover that Morgan doesn’t feel right and struggles with coping with it.

Meredith Russo delivers a very poignant and powerful story told in first person. Each birthday is told in Eric and Morgan’s voice so you get both sides of the story as the events unfold. It shows all the happy times but also the dark times that most of us will never know. It shows Morgan struggling with not only the death of a parent but also his own identity and feelings. We see how Eric struggles,as well, with who he might be on top of dealing with a tyrannical father and a family life that is less than ideal. We get to see these two grow up together as best friends that turns into something more strained until they are both open and honest with one another.

This book brings into focus the trauma that life is and how we all could be better people buy just listening and understanding that everyone is different and that it is OK. I believe this book is a fantastic read and that it should be read by all humans.

There are a few triggers in here- it deals with gay/transgender themes, homophobia, suicide, death of a parent, bullying, sexual content and there are some language triggers including anti-gay slurs.

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