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A New Look at Camelot!

Attempted murder, that’s how sixteen-year-old Princess Charlotte’s engagement starts.

It seems like the only thing she has in common with Prince Young of Vires is their mutual discontent. But when her kingdom’s attacked, Charlotte’s parents renegotiate her hand in marriage to a handsome stranger with a sinister plan. With the people Charlotte loves dying around her, and her kingdom’s future at stake, the only person she can turn to is the prince she betrayed. But, should she save her kingdom or her heart? One must fall. (Book 1)

When I first agreed to read these two books I had no idea what I was getting into! It turned out to be an amazing gamble on my end and I urge everyone to go out a grab their copies!! I agreed to read the books as a part of an ARC review team and I am so pleased that I did as they have quickly become two of my favorite reads this year. I wasn’t aware that it was going to delve into Camelot territory near the end so that was a huge-but pleasant- surprise for me.

Not only are the covers GORGEOUS but the writing is so fluid and natural! I felt like I was transported into time and I didn’t want to leave. The characters are full bodied and develop well through the two books. The main trio of characters are very much the pampered royals you expect them to be at first but then throughout the trials of Kingdom Cold we see them mature and develop into mature,capable people. We go through the highs and lows of love and war, we see friendships tested and familial bonds stretched to their limits. Along this roller coaster ride I found myself growing more and more attached to certain characters and rooting for them with ferocity.

Once we get to Kingdom Soul we see the workings of Camelot come into play and how one decision can change everyone’s fate. Again, friendships are tested and love is found in some surprising forms. In this installment we do get more of the Camelot we are used to hearing about-with a few, slight changes. The story of Arthur and Camelot melds seamlessly into Kingdom Cold and all the characters blend well together. Again the descriptions do not disappoint and we are left with an ending that promises even more twists and turns in the final book.

These two books had me on the edge of my seat and I could not put them down! A Multicultural Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Romance the Kingdom Cold series is an absolute must read in my own opinion. I can not wait for the third one to come out and I know I will be reading these many, many more times in the future!

Brittni Chenelle is the author of this series and she currently lives in Seoul,  Korea which inspires her multicultural fantasy books. Her favorite genres to read and write are Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Romance, Fairytale Retellings, and Young Adult Dystopian novels. She’s very passionate about equal representation and makes a point to include characters from different backgrounds and cultures in her Fantasy stories. (information of author is provided by amazon)


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