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One of my favourite series by far!


Some secrets are better left untold…

When I became the new girl in a small town, I decided I’d try to make some friends. Maybe even a boyfriend. I was especially interested in Cade, the conflicted heartthrob from next door. I just wasn’t expecting these new friends of mine to have a dangerous secret…

They tried to hide the truth to protect me, but it only made my curiosity stronger. When I accidentally witnessed my new friends magically controlling the elements, though, all the secrets unraveled. I became enemy number one in the eyes of the local Elemental leaders. An enemy that apparently needed kidnapped and burned at the stake.

Yeah, you heard that right.

Humans were forbidden to learn that Elementals existed. The penalty of doing so was death. But I didn’t die because, apparently, I’m an Elemental too.

Now I have master my unruly powers if I want to keep my friends, family, and all of humankind safe. And I have to do it while keeping our existence a secret. If the humans find out the truth, it could stir up a war of apocalyptic proportions…
Secrets are hard to keep. But are they really worth dying for? (From book 1)




There aren’t enough words to describe how much I loved this series! Each character was beautifully detailed with an amazing story in their own right. Our main characters were bad asses that would not stop until the job was done and we were given an amazing female MC that makes us females proud! They all have their struggles and slip up but they get on with it and won’t back down, they are super relatable and remind us what it means to be human. There is a no nonsense attitude near the end of the series that makes the ending that much more thrilling. The descriptions are so well laid out that you feel fully immersed in the small town that the book takes place. This series hooks you in from the first sentence and keeps a hold on you till the very end.

I have had the privilege to be and ARC reader and the graduate to Beta reader for Elle and can say that she really invests her time and heart into her books and it definitely translates to page. 

Having read not only this amazing series I have also read both first books in the Queen Witch Trials as well as the Enchanted Royals and can attest that her writing is just as sublime and her characters speak to the reader very clearly. I won’t soon forget these books and will return to them time and time again. I do recommend her books to anyone that is interested in paranormal romance, witches, vampires, siren, and above all, really good stories!

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