Arc · Fairytale retellings · Supernatural

City of Wishes series


A fantastic series that has a retelling of Cinderella mixed with magic, fairies and vampires!

Elle is a human slave to her fairy stepmother and stepsisters. At night she manages to sneak out of the house and live her life. She may be human but she does have a special power that most humans don’t possess, she can erase people’s memories. Elle makes her way through the cities seedy nightlife and in exchange for memory wiping she collects people’s essence. Essence is the equivalent to power and Elle is saving up to cash in for a tier 3 wish. You can get wishes 2 ways; buy one with essence or ask the Fairy Godmother for it.But to ask the Godmother for a wish you need to be prepared to pay a big price.As Elle goes along with her business she meets Dex and his friends, fae that are trying to solve a load of human abduction cases. When she runs into a vampire that tries to abduct her the vampire lets out a little clue that Elle isn’t as normal as she thinks. When they decide to work together to catch a vampire they hope to both solve the crimes and find out about Elle’s past. In exchange for working with him Dex agrees to give Elle her much wanted essence so she can get her wish- to be free and run away with her stepsister Sienna. What is the worse that can happen?

Rachel Morgan has created an intricate world filled with wonder, magic and realism. As you read along you can imagine her room, the food ,clothes and all the characters very clearly. You do get a sense on kinship with Elle and want her to succeed. The writing is so fluid and natural that you are swept away into this imaginative world. There is a clear line of who is good and who isn’t and you will feel very strongly about both sides.

A very easy and fun series to read and I highly recommend this to all lovers of magic and the supernatural.



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