Arc · Evernight teen · YA

Forgiven Are the Starry-Eyed


An emotional rollercoaster that pushes you to feel.

Andie is a sweet and under the radar kind of girl. She has a small group of friends that do everything together and she knows her place in the world. One day a new boy transfers to her school and changes everything. Josh and Andie start dating and it’s great for a couple months but then she starts to see some changes. It’ll take everything she has to fight this change and come out if it in one piece.

Let me start off by saying that this book is not for the faint hearted and it is very heavy in nature. Saying that I have to commend the author for writing this book and sharing this story with the world.

When I was reading the book I had the feeling of it happening in front of me. The attention to detail from the most minor thing, like the colour of a cardigan, to the most explosive scenes is impeccable. It plays out for the reader so effortlessly that I have to credit the writing style for being so natural. You really get a sense of who these people are and you are pulled along in their life stories. Andie is the girl you root for and wish the best for so it does break your heart to see her struggle through. Josh’s personality is infectious at first and the switch happens so seamlessly. The whole character grouping from the MCs to the “supporting staff” are filled out very well and you can imagine your own friends in their places. We are not given a clean ending that has the answers all wrapped up but it does provide an insight as well as hope.

This book does have a lot of triggers; manipulation, self harm, abuse-both verbal and mental and rape. It’s not a light and fluffy read but it’s an important read!

I implore anyone who has found themselves in this situation to reach out and talk to someone. Help can come to us in the most random of places so don’t give up. Again, well done to the author, Christine Doré Miller.


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