Paranormal Fantasy · YA

The Whims of Fae series


Nissa Leder is the author of this impressive series. She has built a world of fantasy and has delivered it to us on a silver platter!

We first meet Scarlett when she is visiting her mother’s grave with her sister.They are close as sisters can be but completely different at the same time. While her sister seems to be coping just fine and able to grieve as normal Scarlett finds herself consumed by the grief and it won’t let up. So when she meets a stranger in Cade and he offers to take away her pain she doesn’t hesitate. However not everything is as it seems, as Cade lures her into Faerie he has his own agenda. We are soon thrust into a magical realm full of dreams,desires,and fantasies. Each book has its own main plot but it is intertwined with each other and feeds seamlessly into the next.

We have a whole host of interesting characters that range from mortals to faeries to fates to deities. Everyone of them has their own story as well as their own agenda and it is up to Scarlett (and us) to find out who can be trusted and who can not. Very early on I started to develop my own personal favourite character but as the stories went on I found myself getting attached to another. The world building is extraordinary as we are taken from the mortal realm and ,eventually, to all the faerie courts as well. Not a detail has been missed and all stories have a tie in somewhere so we always get answers.

The brilliance of Nissa Leder is how she has been able to weave a story that completely transports us. I found myself getting lost in these books and not wanting to quit! The stories get more and more detailed and complex but they read so smoothly and are so rich. You can definitely feel her passion and sense that they were a work of love for her. It was bittersweet when the series ended but I was happy to find that there was another spin-off in the works! I am thrilled to say that I have read the first one and it is just as exciting and enticing as its preceding series.

This series has definitely endeared itself to me and wedged itself into my heart. I highly recommend this series with anyone and everyone. Whether you are new to stories of Fae or a seasoned vet there is something for everyone!


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