Paranormal Fantasy · Supernaturals

Hitched by G.K. DeRosa


1 girl, 25 eligible bachelors, 6 weeks that will change her life. But Kimmie-Jayne soon learns that all that glitters is not gold….

Struggling actress Kimmie-Jayne Starr is desperate to make it big in Hollywood. She works part-time at a greasy chicken place and goes on audition after audition with no end in sight. Then one day she gets it, the role to make her career! Kimmie-Jayne is whisked into the fast and glamorous lifestyle of “Hitched” the next big reality show. She finds herself in Mystic cove, a beautiful private island, surrounded by 25 gorgeous bachelors.  But from the start there is something off about the scenario and the longer it goes on the stranger it gets and the danger increases.

What I found amazing about this series is how  instantaneously you are transported into this fantastic life. I found myself being dragged into it and not wanting to let go. The characters are all very well described and I found myself choosing my own personal top 10, 5, and 2 lists! Kimmie-Jayne does start out a naive girl who is maybe a bit too naive for her own good, but as the books go along she does start to morph into a relatable character that you can root for. The author has done a brilliant job of describing the surroundings so well that you can imagine every last detail.

The sheer thought that has gone into this tale is simply amazing, which we get to truly appreciate in the third book. I find myself anxiously counting down for the release of the fourth book! I would most certainly recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a great escape and cute story. Anyone who is a fan of the Selection book series and the Bachelorette tv series will love this book. It is a great series to tuck away for a holiday or even for a fun weekend read.


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