A happy diversion

Definitely not my normal genre of book but I had a chance to meet the author at the NEC where he was promoting his books and I zeroed in on this one first due to its cover first! He went on to tell me the plot and I was hooked!

This book is a supernatural roller coaster of whos, hows, and whys! We go on a journey where a woman who had a horrible boat accident lost her hand but gained a supernatural ability. As we go along this journey we are introduced to a whole new whole beyond the veil of our world. We are told three different stories, all from different times that have become local myth for an answer to who is in the tree? Who danced with Mary?!

The author spins a fantastic story and weaves delicious details throughout the whole novel and you can tell he really enjoyed creating it. It is a beautiful work of fiction that is so mind blowing that you almost forget that it’s not real! How he came up with the idea for this story I have no idea but I applaud him for great execution! A great addition to your library for those who like paranormal stories that keep you on the edge of your seat!

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