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Mai’s First Date by H.M Gooden

I was able to get my mitts on this little novella at the end of June and I must say the only disappointment was that it was a novella!

I can only tell you a little as I don’t want to give the whole thing away so there is the warning/reason for a short entry. The story is about a woman,Mai, who grows up in San Francisco in the 1900’s but is put to sleep and wakes up in San Francisco in the present day-oh and she’s a dragon!

The writing is very rich and the author is great with making it feel authentic, all the way down to how she speaks (ex.Mai says do not instead of don’t). The first couple lines really gripped me in the story and it left me wanting more! I foresee an amazing adventure starting with this novella and all subsequent books are likely to be an incredible read. It is very rare for me to be as engaged as I am with a short story but there you have it, I’m a fan of this author and am ready to read everything she has!!

Saying that I am now in the process of reading “Dream of Darkness” by H.M Gooden and this is splendidly a series that I know I am going to love. The detailing is amazing and the characters, in both books, are very enduring and has you relating to them the whole story through!I have been given the gift of eBooks in these books but I will be hunting down the nearest paperback to add to my “continuous read” shelf!

Very well done Ms Gooden! FRIENDLY RATING: LIAM 

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