Death isn’t natural anymore..


The idea that we could “turn the corner” and never get old, or death not being the given outcome is a novel idea that we face in Scythe by Neil Shusterman.

Scythes are bringers of death that choose at random who their next collection is. The purpose of Schthes are to “glean” people so that way the population rate is under a more stable structure. Each Scythe has their own system of selection and their own way of ending things.

In a world that is ruled by the Thundercloud food, money,crime and government is all monitored and everyone has their place. Death is the only matter that the Thundercloud has no part of.

In this world we meet Citra and Rowan, two people from very different spheres but are thrown together to train as Scythes. They are brought up in a world where they are told that the Scythdom is fair, just and above the law-everything happens as it should. As they start their training more and more secrets are revealed and the veil has been lifted. They uncover a rebel sect that think they are better than everyone and it is their right to do what they want,when they want,and however they see fit. It is left up to these two apprentices to decide what’s right and how to get to the ending they crave so badly.

With great attention to detail the world building of Midmerica is brought to life. Neil Shisterman paints a futuristic, but all too real, idea of what life could become. The book is filled with twists and turns and you are led along the ride so easily. There were times that I was so shocked that I had to re-read the paragraph to make sure what I read was real!

It is a book that focuses on the death-side, the business-side, but forces you to look and think deeper. It shows that everyone is happy to be a sheep and do as everyone else does but it takes one brave voice, one cunning voice to stand up for a change and just maybe it’ll get through to others and they too will call for a change.

I found this to be a great read and an amazing first book in a coming series. I look forward to the next parts and I urge you to read it as well! It brings up some great questions and gives us major food for thought. The idea is so original it makes me wonder how he came up with this idea. FRIENDLY RATING: EVA



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