An All Access Pass Just For You!


Let’s sneak into the lives of the Rich and Addicted……

Clean By Juno Dawson paints a very real, very dark view of the world that most of us don’t know about. It’s raw and terrifying and eye-opening and mind-blowing. Yet through all of these emotions you find yourself hoping for the characters, willing them to get better and to keep fighting and win their battles.This book shows how out of the darkness friends are made and friends can get you through anything.

The story is about an heiress, Lexi, who has nothing else to do with her time but shop, party and get high. She gets expelled from school, alienates her friends there and lies to her parents if/when she sees them. No one says no to Lexi- not even herself. So one night as she parties with her boyfriend things go south quickly. In the midst of an OD her brother kidnaps her and takes her to a rehab facility located on its own island away from all civilisation. Its not a smooth path but Lexi starts realizing that she might indeed have a problem. Through her we meet others that are batting their own demons whether its sex, drugs or food addiction. We see Lexi open up and wise up and take control of her life but its not smooth sailing. She is tested and tempted and only she can help herself in the end.

This book introduced me to a whole other side of humanity and way of life. It addresses issues that are prevalent and real in our reality. The book is very clearly written with very smooth transitions. There is some profane language but given the context of the book it is to be expected. The characters are real, raw and flawed beings that become a part of you and it is amazing to see how they journey through.

As I was reading this book I felt like it was really happening. That I was part of their world and not just reading a work of fiction. I was a player in their lives and I was documenting what was happening to them.Juno Dawson has done a terrific job with this book and I look forward to reading more from her. This book is not for the fainthearted or the overly sensitive but it is most definitely worth a read!  FRIENDLY RATING:EVA

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