ACOTAR.jpgGirl goes hunting and kills a wolf; wolf turns out to be a faerie in another form; girl is carted away to pay a blood debt and that, my friend, is just the start!

Feyre is the main character in this new and fresh series by Sarah J. Maas. She goes out hunting so she can support and feed her family. Unbeknownst to her there are darker forces at work than just the normal faerie problems. She is drawn into a world of faerie politics and half truths. Her captor turns out to be a truly complicated being, there’s love then there’s terror and all the while seeds of doubt swirl around Feyre’s mind. As the series progresses we meet a handful of delightful, menacing, enduring and ever changing characters. From the cold hearted sister, to the indifferent father, to the bad boy who might not be as bad as he seems, and the good guy who might be the bad boy in disguise. They all seem to have hidden agendas and they all seem to be out for themselves.  With all this swirling around Feyre starts to learn what she is made of and who she can trust.Can she trust the man she thinks she’s in love with, or the man pulling the cruel strings of fate, or can she trust herself? In this series we see a tidal wave of emotions and plot twists and turns and more than a few OMG moments. We follow Feyre on a journey of salvation, inner reflection, love, loss, and sacrifice.

I was late in coming to the party of this series. A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) was published in 2015 and it was followed by A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF) in 2016, then A Court of Wings and Ruin (ACOWAR) in 2017. I found these books through Instagram accounts as I was setting up and trying to get a toe in the worlds of Bookstagram and blogging. This series has definitely become of my favourite series and I am looking forward to reading them again and again! Sarah J. Maas has a vivid imagination and she pours herself into her stories with a love that you can feel when you read her books. With every word I read I could imagine the characters, the environment and places that were in the books. I can’t praise this book series enough and will always purchase anything from Sarah.


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