A Crowning Achievement!


So I was a latecomer to this series but I must say better late than never!!

I’m going to veer away from a normal book review and just present my thoughts and feelings about the books. I feel that anyone can look on any number of sites and look up the reviews as well as the blurb; but what you can’t do is get the feeling from a dedicated reader of why they love the book .

So here we go… The book is a dystopian stage and the players are the Reds (commoners)  vs. the Silvers (elites). As you can imagine there are rules to be followed and mingling is strictly forbidden. So when Mare, a Red, finds herself in possession of Silver capabilities all hell breaks loose!

True the book is based in the distant future (and is completely fictional) but it still touches on points that have impacted us as a society. The books delve into issues that cover the globe from domination, class-segregation, poverty, and a fight for equality. Everyone can find something in here to relate to and empathize with. I found myself cheering for Mare, crying for Cal, cursing the queen and being stuck dumb by Maven. This book series had me on such an emotional rollercoaster and I didn’t want it to end! I swallowed this series up and I can’t wait to read it again as I feel I’ll discover even more the second time round.

The reason I love this series is because you get completely lost in it. The world builds itself around you and you are wholly engrossed inside it. If you are a lover of dystopian novels such as the Hunger games or Divergent then this is a perfect book to break into! Saying that,  this book offers so much for so many people that anyone and everyone will love it! Please do yourselves a favour and pick it up RIGHT NOW!!!

Victoria Aveyard has a beautiful writing style and her attention to detail is amazing. I find myself able to imagine everything from Mare herself to the marketplace to the reaction of the royal family. My emotions were all over this place; I was laughing out loud one minute  and then gasping in shock the next minute and all the while not stop smiling. The only thing that was bad about this book series is that it ended!  The series is three books right now but I am holding out hope for a fourth!




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