Down the rabbit hole


Alice by Christina Henry is a retelling of a well beloved classic,but with some very dark twists. The main draw to the book initially was the cover and then I read the book blurb on the back and I fell in love with the ideas put down.

Alice has spent 10 years in a mental asylum after the events of the infamous tea party and her only comfort is her friend Hatcher, who she speaks to through a mouse hole. One night a fire breaks out and Hatcher rescues Alice and the two of them run away from the asylum. But they are not the only ones that escape. The Jabberwock is now free and is roaming the streets of the Old City feeding on the fear and the blood of the residents. Can Alice and Hatcher confront their pasts to regain control of their future?

The book isn’t my typical type, but I was very excited to read it and looked forward to broadening my field. I was impressed by how much thought went into the details of telling this story. The story went along well and built up gradually, though as it neared its end, I did start to feel that it was ending too fast. I ended the book with mixed feelings, though I do look forward to reading the next instalment to get more answers.

This book is so close to being and ABBEY but in the end it ends up being another due to the end pace. I do recommend it though, as it is a wickedly wonderful take on an old classic. FRIENDLY RATING:FERGUS


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