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Outlawed- Outrageously good!!

Outlawed (Sherwood Outlaws Book 1)Outlawed by Hayley Osborn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How do I even start?!!?!? I absolutely loved this book and I encourage everyone to read it!

This is a great twist on Robin Hood and the legend of his life along with his “crew”. Hayley Osborn has done an amazing job in transforming us not only to another place but another time as well! She throws a modern young girl into the 12th century but is able to keep the characters as well as the story believable and real.

Maryanne is a very interesting young girl with an incredible gift. She is part of a family of time travelers. She has always known this, and can’t wait to choose when and where she goes because the catch is she can only go and come back once.Unfortunately fate has other ideas,her father tells her that she needs to go back to save the legend of Robin Hood. He made a mistake in his travelling days and she now has to fix it, so the pressure is on to save not only the legend of Robin Hood but also to save the man himself.

The details are so crisp and clear, the characters are completely whole and amazing. No matter how much you despise the baddies you have to admire them as well- that’s how good they are written! I urge all readers to read this- it’s not a small, select niche book, it really will appeal to so many different readers!

I read this book in one sitting as it was so good! I will admit to having that moment of “NOOOOOOO” once I got to the end and I am not ashamed to admit it! The ups and downs if this book are impeccable and the ending will leave you wanting more. I can not wait to read the sequel and the prequel and everything in between! A great, fresh idea and plot; Congratulations on a wonderful job done Mrs. Osborn!

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